About Us


Markler.ge is a leading company in Georgia’s real estate market. With more training and team effort, we work as quickly and efficiently as possible and fully meet European standards. Since our inception in February 2004, we can boast of large residential sales including numerous record-breaking transactions. Located in Georgia, with unrivaled experience and market knowledge, Makler.ge is one of the preeminent brokerage in Georgia and Europe at large.


We operate in a very competitive marketplace, and our goal is to focus on building relationships of trust with buyers, sellers and business partners. Although, Real estate companies can operate across the property spectrum, our company expresses interest in foreign investments in Georgia. We provide foreign investors not only with updated and full information about the real estate market, but we also help them to search for profitable opportunities to invest in and to fully structure projects for investment. We also deal with general residential and commercial clients, we offer a specialist service in niche markets. By positioning ourselves clearly in the market, we can attract clients who are looking for

a specific type of property and services. Our objectives are;


  •        Create clear market position
  •        Build a strong property list
  •        Attract buyers
  •        Build professional referrals
  •        Develop all-inclusive services (consultancy)


Our Team

To run an effective real estate business, you need the right team, with the skills to negotiate and close deals, partner with other real estate vendors on a variety of services and many other types of skills. Our team at Makler.ge/RealEstate.ge consists of young female employees who strive for new ideals and constant development. We are proud of our work and we are always glad to collaborate with you. It is also important to understand  the importance of marketing services to prospective customers. Having a strong marketing plan in place and the ‘A’ Team helps to accomplish our sales goals and objectives, which sets us up for successful business transactions.


Our expert team members are trained to;


  •        Build relationship with potential clients.
  •        Engage clients at personal level and interact with them more often.
  •        Set our real estate business apart from the competition.
  •        Give customers value for their money.
  •        Project themselves as go-to experts and solve our client’s real estate issues.


Our Mission

Makler.ge is one of the leading real estate companies which has been operating in the Georgian real estate market for 18 years, and many years of experience have brought us numerous successful deals, the largest and most complete database in Georgia, an ecosystem of over one hundred thousand unique users and a team of professional experts. Our mission is to provide our customers with a dignified,


professional partnership in any real estate activity as quickly as possible, with high quality and full compliance with high standards, which is an unconditional guarantee of a successful transaction that will change your life for the better.


Our Values

C u st o m e r f o c u s e d


We put our customers’ needs first and exceed their expectations. We believe in sharing opportunities, values and success through strong and long term relationships with our shareholders/customers, investors and partners.


Our Drive

We aim to be the best at what we do and have the culture of making things happen. We are passionate about delivering the highest value and customer experience for our clients.



We always strive to be different in business dealings, customer service and company culture. We believe in the importance of approaching things in new and different ways to achieve effective actions and results


The Intellectual property of our company

Our company has its own advertising resources; websites, www.makler.ge / www.realtor.ge, which are constantly developed and updated, through which communication is provided between the buyer and the seller / the applicant for rent and the employer. Beyond the website, the main priority of our company is a multifunctional smart system with integrated databases. The system was created based on international market research, which has no analogues, not only in Georgia but also in developed countries.


The Company Motto

Our company motto is "happiness is in development". It has been so from the day of its establishment. Constant development, changes, coming out of the comfort zone have established us as professionals in this field. As our motto states, only happy people work for us, people who love what they do, people who are open to changes. With innovation and by their own success, they can change the lives of others for the better.