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Anna Chachashvili


Hello, my name is Anna Chachashvili, and I am a professional realtor in charge of apartment rentals at I am committed, determined and credible. My passion for real estate is apparent through my excellent communication skills and warm friendly approach. I also speak English and Russian fluently

My Goal: I strive to demonstrate the highest level of integrity and commitment, and to bring a little fun into every real estate transactions. I’ve lived in Georgia all my life, and I’ve witnessed its great transformation. My intimate knowledge of this region, and experiences give me the enthusiasm and desire to make my home, your home. As a senior realtor, I aim to reach the upper level of my area of specialization-which is a consultant for the most expensive properties.

My Drive: My major source of motivation is my team of professionals, with whom I work with on a daily basis, who are always ready to support the common cause and use their resources to the fullest to achieve desired result without harm. Another source of motivation for me is the trust the clients place in me and the appreciation. This bolsters my incentive after each transaction to be the best and deliver the best service to them.

Problems I solve for clients: Problems I solve for clients on a daily basis include; finding properties that meets my client’s requirements, provide verified, correct and substantial information for my clients. I also resolve legal issues and provide consultation services.

My Ideal Client: I believe generally, an ideal client is someone who knows exactly what they want and has plans for accomplishing their goals. It is usually desirable if a client knows exactly what they are looking for and what budget they have available. My ability to meet the specifications of clients through individual style of communication and personal taste is a noteworthy achievement, and it’s why I’m your best bet.

Gela Gabichvadze

Ms. Anna is very kind and helpful person who provides an exelent service. I'm very grateful to Anna and and recommend to any person looking for an apparment >>>


Realtor. ge I highly recommend agent Anna, with whose help I was able to rent an apartment that satisfied my taste in 2 days. From the moment of receiving the request, Anna was very prompt, in addition to finding me the perfect apartment, she also helped me adapt, guiding me through every detail from opening a bank account to paying utilities. Thank you for your excellent service. >>>


Working with Anna was a pleasure. She helped us find exactly what we wanted. Her attitude towards the client's requirements is commendable. Punctual, and organized, she has excellent negotiation skills. I hope I will have the pleasure of once more working with her in the future. Highly recommended !!! Работать с Анной было одно удовольствие. Она помогла нам найти именно то, что мы хотели. Ее отношение к требованиям клиента заслуживает похвалы. Пунктуальна и организованна, обладает отличными навыками ведения переговоров. Я надеюсь, что в будущем мне посчастливится еще раз поработать с ней. Настоятельно рекомендую !!! >>>

Giorgi Areshidze

გამორჩეული სააგენტო, პასუხისმგებლობიანი და ყურადღებიანი თანამშრომლებით, რომლებიც ყოველთვის ითვალისწინებენ მომხმარებლის მოთხოვნებს. განსაკუთრებული მადლობა ანის თანამშრომლობისთვის. >>>


Ana was very trustworthy and professional. She helped to find a satisfying apartment in a limited amount of time. Thanks! >>>

Natalia Chikvaidze

I have long cooperation experiance with this agency, particularly with Ana Chachashvili and only word I could say to her is "Thank You!". Ana represents her company in the best way, she is hard-working, responsive, and very attentive to the customers' requests. Keep on! You are highly recommended!!! >>>

ვახტანგ ბოცვაძე

ოპერატიულად და ხარისხიანად შეასრულეს ჩემი თხოვნა, მადლობა მაიკოს და ანას, >>>

Kim Bomin

Ana was very trustworthy and professional. She helped to find a satisfying apartment in a limited amount of time. Thanks! >>>

Labatte Jason Randal

Ana responded quickly to our request for assistance and found an apartment our first day. She was knowledgeable about the area where we wanted to live. She pinpointed our needs and found exactly what we were looking for in apartment. I would recommend her for her professionalism, expertise and honest service. >>>


I recomended plenty of time Ana to people who was surching home in Tbilissi. She was and she still amazing, helpful, kind, always available, try to do her best for you anytime. She really takes time with you to understand your wishes, and do her best to make your dream comes true. If you have any problems, any questions, she also do what it's necessary to found solutions between you and owners if needed with peace. I thank you again Ana, for all what you done for us, and what you will do ?????? >>>


Thank you Ana for your help to rent out my apartment. I like professionals and you are the one in this field. I will definitely contact you when I need again. >>>


First Anna is lovely then a professional reliable ready to satisfy >>>


Ani is wonderful person to work with, very helpful and friendly. It’s always easy to reach her in case of any questions or concerns. I’ve personally had specific timeframe to fit in and Ani and her team acceded my expectations! Thank you again! I would 100% recommend her! >>>

Asaf Cohen

Ana is the nicest most professional real estate agent i’ve had a chance to work with. with minimum details she was able to quickly find relevant high quality apartments. even after signing contract she kindly and patiently goes the extra mile to make sure you’re settled in properly and that no issues exists. i would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great agent. we will surely use her assistance again when we will search to buy a house in the near future. thank you Ana >>>


ანას მეშვეობით გრძელვადიანი და სტაბილური, მყარი ხელშეკრულება გავაფორმეთ დიპლომატიურ წარმომადგენლიბასთან. მადლობა მას გამოჩენილი პროფესიონალიზმისათვის და ასევე ჩვენი ინტერესების გატარებისათვის. >>>

Zojeta dzanashvili (tata)

დიდი მადლობა, პროფესიონალური მომსახურებისთვის >>>


ანა არის ერთერთი საუკეთესო რეალტორი. ის მზად არის დაგეხმაროთ ნებისმიერ დროს, არის ყურადღებიანი და თავისი საქმის პროფესიონალი. მე ვარ ძალიან კმაყოფილი და მართლაც გამიმართლა, რომ ანას შევხვდი. ვურჩევდი ყველას! >>>


Ana was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! She helped me find the apartment I'm living in right now, it suited my taste and on the same day i asked for their help! I was surprised by the efficiency and how she is an extremely competent agent! She was always available for anything i needed, couldn't advise for a better agent than her! >>>

Eda & Boran Kocbogan

She’s probably the best realtor you can find in Tbilisi. She tries to be available 24/7, does her best to help, and keeps assisting you with issues months after renting your flat. Honestly, our life in Tbilisi could be much harder without Ana. Thank you Ana, we’re glad we bumped into you! >>>

Shani Friedman

I’m so happy I met Ana! Ana is the best agent I could ask. She was so nice and professional, and I felt that she really cared. She Was so patient and explained everything, I really felt I can trust her. And she found me really good apartment in a Limited budget. I highly recommend Ana , she really is the best! Thank you so much!! >>>

Timothy Gick

Ana was extremely professional real estate agent who immediately found an amazing apartment for me in Vake. I sent her the general details of what I wanted and she located a number of viable options to view. We ended up checking out one very nice place and I agree to rent the apartment. The overall positive experience was directly attributed to her professionalism and knowledge of Tbilisi-area. If you are looking to rent or buy an apartment in Tbilisi, I would highly recommend Ana. - Tim USA, 2021 >>>


Thanks to Ana who helped us find the right apartment in the right area for our family's needs. She was fast, helpful, and professional and represented our interests to the landlord well. I'm happy to recommend Ana and to other foreigners looking for apartments in Tbilisi. >>>

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