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Maia Vashakidze


Hi, I’m Maia Vashakidze, a native of Georgia. I am a professional realtor at Makler.ge and I major in premium renting; private houses, offices, commercial spaces and sales mainly in Vake district. I’m fluent in English and Russian.


I met the founder of Makler.ge at a friendly gathering, he saw my potential as a warrior woman who was ready to climb mountains and turn her life around. There were people who doubted my ability and only saw a weak woman, but the founder, being someone of great intuition saw something in me no one else could.


My Goal: My work is of utmost importance to me and I get pleasure from it which is usually expressed in the process. I go through every step relentlessly until I achieve the desired result. The crown of all this is a happy client and a proud owner of a real estate who with my help their life has been changed for the better. Being a realtor is my biggest dream made true and my relationship with a client does not end with the transfer of keys to a property, a new relationship begins on the basis of professionalism and trust.


I’m often asked for recommendations about how to decorate the interior, or where to buy quality and necessary items for homes. Many foreigners, who have successfully been accommodated by me, also turn to me for advice on where to spend their holidays, where to taste the best Georgian dishes and which school to take their children to. Every person who comes to me needs my professional advice and recommendations.


Often the owners of real estate who are located outside of our capital trust me to choose, purchase furniture for their premises and solve various household issues. I also have a masterclass with young people who want to become realtors. I share with them the basics of photographing real estate and consultation skills with clients and property owners. Communication is the main magic sauce of my successful work. As I’ve severally been told, I do it very well, this is actually the case; otherwise, I would not have been in this business for 11 years.


My Drive: The feedback I get from all the people I have helped transform their lives in a better way is my biggest motivation. I try to be useful to everyone and give them the necessary advice. The list is long and endless; it is what gives me strength to always be on top of the challenge. I always mention it and I am not afraid to repeat with confidence, that my biggest achievements are people whose lives have been transformed for the better by my biggest effort.


Problems I solve for clients: Being a realtor, I constantly solve many problems for clients on both sale and rent. I have been approached by people who were in danger of being left homeless due to non-compliance with the bank's obligations. People who have taken the “deposit” for their real estate (which was for sale) and immediately asked to find an alternative real estate. Together with our company team, I try my best to give all these people the right recommendation in order to solve their problem in a timely fashion with minimal loss.


My Ideal Client: My ideal client would be a company looking for a comfortable and ideal commercial / office space to develop and expand its business. I am always ready to collaborate and assist them in selecting the desired space, organizing meetings, conducting successful negotiations and concluding agreements. I also offer them my support in making partitions for chosen areas and as well as interior design.


A prospective investor who wants to get a valuable recommendation on where to invest money in order to get an accurate percentage-defined income. They come to me and entrust me with the full management of said procedure. I can site many examples of such deals which have been finished with success. I have hosted a number of diplomats throughout my career and I still receive positive feedback from them. I have served - the consulates of France, Iraq, Hungary, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other countries which are the friends and the partners of Georgia.


In addition, the most important thing is that my ideal client knows exactly what they want and when they want it. Why should you contact me? Because I can guarantee you success and help you achieve your goal with complete uniqueness, effectiveness, and exclusivity based on my experience and professional skills developed during 12 years in the real estate market. "Star" is the nickname given to me at Makler.ge and it speaks volumes.











მაიკო ვაშაკიძე: პროფესიონალი რეალტორი, დადებითი, ენერგიული და უსწრაფესი. დიდი მადლობა მას ზუსტად, წამებში გაკეთებული საქმისთვის. >>>

თამარ ორჯონიკიძე

მაიკო ვაშაკიძე არის თავისი საქმის პროფესიონალი , სასიამოვნო და კარგი ადამიანი რომელთანაც თანამშრომლობა არის ერთი სიამოვნება.დიდი მადლობა ძალიან მცირე დროში გაწეული ნაყოფიერი შრომისთთვის >>>


Working with Maiko was a pleasant experience, my endless search for a suitable place quickly came to an end. If you are looking for a professional (an extremely rare trait in Georgia) agent, look no further. მაიკოსთან მუშაობა სასიამოვნო პროცესი იყო, შესაფერისი ბინის უსასრულო ძებნა მალევე დასრულდა. თუ პროფესიონალ რეალტორს ეძებთ( რაც საქართველოში ძალიან იშვიათია), დრო/ნერვები დაიზოგეთ და პირდაპირ მაიკოს დაუკავშირდით. >>>


Maiko Vashakidze is the best! She made selling my apartment such a breeze! Maiko is absolutely wonderful to work with. It’s like having a friend on the “inside” that is working for you. She really cares about her clients. I was new to home selling, and have heard horrible stories from friends and family about terrible agents. Maiko was professional, experienced, extremely helpful and reliable through the whole process! She never made me feel uncomfortable and helped me every step of the way! My apartment was on market for about 3 years. After dealing with several other brokers in the Vake area and being disappointed, I felt lucky to find Maiko. She helped me to sell the apartment in just few months after signing the contract with her. She is an excellent negotiator with a very personalized touch. Highly recommend! მაიკო ვაშაკიძე არის შეუდარებელი პროფესიონალი! ძალიან ბევრ რეალტორთან თანამშრომლობამ გამიღრმავა უიმედობა და რწმენა მათი არაპროფესიონალიზმის, რაც მაიკომ თავდაყირა დააყენა. ჩემი არაჩვეულებრივი ბინა ბაზარზე იყო გასაყიდად თითქმის 3 წლის განმავლობაში. გარემონტებული 230 კვადრატული ბინის გაყიდვა საქართველოში არცთუ ისე ადვილია, სასურველ ფასად. მოკიდა თუ არა ხელი მაიკომ, ხელშეკრულების გაფორმებიდან 2 თვეში არც კი 2 სერიოზული მსურველი მოვიდა ბინის სანახავად: კანადელი ცოლ-ქმარი და ქართველი ახალგაზრდა ცოლ-ქმარი. მაიკოს ჯადოქრობით, ჩემი ბინით მოხიბლულები, რეალური მყიდველები აღმოჩნდნენ.. მაიკოს შეუძლია, ისეთი შესაშური სიმშვიდით (და იცით რა საშინელი შფოთვაა ყიდვაც და გაყიდვაც) და პროფესიონალიზმით გაუწიოს ორგანიზება მცირე თუ მნიშვნელოვან ფაზებს პროცესის განმავლობაში რომ არცერთ ეტაპზე არ შეგიქმნას დისკომფორტი. ღიმილით გიყიდინებს და ღიმილით გაგიყიდის, მერწმუნეთ ისე როგროც ვერავინ სხვა! მადლობელი ვარ მაიკო ყველაფრისთვის! >>>

Leah Fields

What a blessing to work with Maia as we looked for a long-term rental in Tbilisi! She was professional and kind throughout our apartment search. She drove us to the different apartments, which was very convenient since we don't yet know the city well. When we found a place, she was able to provide us with a contract in both Georgian and English. I would highly recommend Maia. She speaks English fluently, which was also very helpful. If we are in need of a place in the future, we will be calling her again! >>>

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