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Tamuna Tsotsoria


Hello, my name is Tamuna Tsotosria, and I am an experienced real estate specialist in My profile of activity is estimation and sale of real estate in a frame condition. I am fluent in English and speak a bit of Russian. 

My Goal: I strive every day to exceed the expectations of my boss and the clients especially. Even though I have just well over a year of experience, I can assure you of my utmost and absolute best. My ultimate goal is to grow consistently in my field of specialization; becoming the best consultant in all of Georgia.

My Drive: positive feedback and my life goals are my biggest motivators. I have been at this profession for over a year and everyday yields a harvest from the seeds I’ve sown when I came into This was during the pandemic and it is sometimes surprising that I have a 90% success rate. Every day I try to flourish, to swim against the tide; so I live in an interesting and dynamic tempo.

Problems I solve for clients: Being a professional at what I do, the list is endless. I help clients choose the right property in accordance to their preferences and budget. I paint a picture of how wonderful an apartment can be in a framed condition, after being renovated and decorated. I also provide support in difficult or impossible judicial cases; communicating with bank representatives, notary beauro members, civil register agents, architects, lawyers etc.

My Ideal Client: I’m of the opinion that for everyone, an ideal client is someone who knows exactly what they want and have set plans for accomplishing their goals. However communicating with a client and trying to manifest their styles and preferences is a noteworthy skill I possess. In a nutshell, I advise, motivate and create.








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