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 Mariam Tabagari

   Office Manager

Hi, I am Mariam Tabagari. I am a professional office manager in charge of team profiles at over 1 year of experience at My native language is Georgian, but I can fluently speak English and Russian as well.

My Goal: My goal is to achieve topmost success in my chosen field, to reach such a level as to become necessary and in-demand personnel for everyone. I want my every next step to be taken towards development and progress, and this is what affords me.

My Drive: My motivation stems from the great team of professionals I work alongside. This is a team that charges each other with positive emotions at the beginning of each day, and this motivates you to live up to your expectations and be strong and confident.

Problems I solve for clients: Through appropriate communication, I am able to find out what the client wants, what their goals are, and then provide the appropriate service. For me, it is important that after each call or visit, each client receives comprehensive information on the issue of interest tothem and is satisfied with the services provided.

My Ideal Client: For me, and for probably everyone else, the ideal client is a client who knows exactly what he wants. However, I can also note that sometimes there is some charm to the service of a client who is still unformed in some matter, but as a result of our service, is satisfied at the end of the deal. Clients should contact us because our company, has been a leader in real estate for over 18 years since its establishment. Real estate experts work here and we at, can help them achieve their goals.


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