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Hi, I’m Teona Shvangiradze. I am a real estate professional with over 9 years of experience, and the director of the rental department in charge of team profiles at I’m fluent in English and Russian.
My Goal: My goal as a director of the rental department is to achieve the maximum level that my position provides; to deepen my knowledge in this profession, since my current position includes multi-functionality and being informed on all issues related to real estate

My Drive: Each day is different from the previous one, and it is an area where you are constantly developing yourself and your abilities that you receive positive feedback. I am in daily contact with innovation, and the process of establishing it. The first thing that is most enjoyable, is the team, which is a big chain, leading to a common goal, where all are connected. This is a place where you do not need the experience to start working, you learn everything on the spot, with the best team and thus develop as a professional. This is a place where, unlike other fields, everyone tries to share their knowledge, share their techniques, and learn the right way climbing up to the top. This to me is the biggest motivation there is.

Problems I solve for clients: The first stage of problem solving in real estate is proper communication and consultation with the client, defining his requirements and priorities, setting ranges. Further processing of the received information, then selection of the correct quotes. Assistance in shaping, by providing reasoned and up to date information. Assistance in resolving a number of legal issues. Involvement in the conduct of negotiations. I believe there is no situation that is impossible to reach a reasonable solution.

My Ideal Client: I am of the opinion that for everyone, an ideal client is a person who knows exactly what they want and have set plans for accomplishing their goals. I believe that of ​​an ideal client is based on the fact that we ourselves are the creators of such. I have had many encounters with different categories of clients, most of whom knew exactly what they wanted; ordinary, professional, reasoned consultation…the outlines of their plans became clearer and more distinct. We all have our definition of "ideal", for me, it is probably the client, who will take into account the advice I give to him/her, based on the experience gained during the period of work in the company, step by step, with new cases and approaches and experience.

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