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Keti Nikolava

Sales director

Hello, my name is Keti Nikolava, and I am the one who discovered her real the essence of life in My native language is Georgian, but I can fluently speak English and Russian as well.

My Goal: My goal is to be as effective as I can for everyone around and make as many people happy as possible who are looking for housing and those who want to sell it in order to make their lives easier and solve problems. Realizing the above, I guess that this goal originates from early childhood, when I was left homeless due to military operations in my homeland and then realized that the path to happiness and  peace of mind lies on real estate, which is only yours.

My Drive: My drive depends on how many active orders will be  completed successfully and how many people will celebrate the New Year in a house that will fully meet their needs and dreams. My drive depends on the the determination and will of my bosses and coworkers and the desire to develop systematically, which is the focus of the

Problems I solve for clients: The first problem, which can destroy the deal, is the wrong communication. Through  positive communication, I will stir up ads on our super modern websites and give recommendations to client  who want to sell or buy real estate as efficiently as possible in the appointed time, also after processing the order,  by the way of a  professional consultation, I transfer the client to reliable hands of professionals who will definitely bring the matter to a positive final, which we will be celebrated with a volley of bells and sparkling champagne. It is also important that one of the most interesting of my tasks in is active communication with potential realtors is the assistance in the process of adaptation, study and success in tis position.

My Ideal Client: The ideal client is the one who through the communication with the powerful team of compleately confides the creation of their happiness only to them.

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